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Game Details

  • Number of Players: 2
  • Recomended Age: 8+
  • Play Time: 15-30 Mins
  • Complexity: Low Complexity
  • Interactivity: High Interaction

Reminiscent of the ancient game of GO, SHŌBU is a beautiful game, simple in rules, yet deep in strategy and tactics. Players are looking to push their opponent's pieces off the board and win when they are all off. Each turn consists of two parts - a passive move and an aggressive move. The tricky part is that these two moves must be the same, albeit on different boards. An excellent 2 player game, SHŌBU is elegant and deep.


  • Grid movement
  • Slide/Push

How to play SHŌBU?

In SHŌBU players take turns making 2 moves. A passive move and an aggressive move, a move can be in any direction (including diagonals) and can be 1 or 2 spaces. First you make your passive move on one of your two home boards. Then you make your aggressive move on either board of the opposite colour, the aggressive move can be used to push your opponents pieces, if you push their pieces off the board they are removed. 

How to play SHŌBU?

If you clear all of your opponents pieces off any board you win the game. 

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BoardGameGeek is an excellent resource including reviews, community forums and videos. The forums are full of helpful informtaion and there is a genuinely helpful community. It is one of our favorite resources, although does tend to be focused on heavier games.

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