About Us

Hello! We are Zac and Fyfe, two passionate board gamers with a mission - to help find people discover games they will love to play and share. 

Why are we here… and where we are headed

Zac had always talked about opening a shop, and both Zac and Fyfe have always enjoyed games. So one day they decided to actually figure out what it looked like. Figuring that out very quickly turned into how it could be done…How it could be done has become what you see today - an evolving store that listens to the expanding board game world and seeks to guide for its customers through it all. We are excited to be here, and excited to be on our way to having a physical store with space to play and teach games, and working to build a safe, thriving community.


Why buy from us?

We are a small business, we care about games and want to introduce people to amazing experiences.

We ship fast and use Australia Post to get you your games faster.

We are environmentally conscious, re-using whatever packing we can, even if it takes a bit longer to pack your games.

We are building a community. This little online gaming shop is step one in the plan to open a brick and mortar store. We are focused on our gaming communities and providing welcoming environments for people to play games.


A little bit about Zac

Away from timetoplay, Zac is a string educator, graphic designer, and professional musician who has been playing and discussing board games as long as he can remember. From playing pen and paper ‘Battleship’ and ‘Journey Through Europe’ in the 80’s with his family, to playing games with his own children today, Zac has always looked to incorporate his love of games into any aspect of life he can get away with. Bringing his creative experience into the digital realm, Zac has teamed up with Fyfe to continue sharing this passion through timetoplay.games. 

What games does Zac like? 

A big fan of Cooperative, Roll and Write, and Deck Building games, chances are if this kind of game is in store, it is because Zac has played it a zillion times and wants others to give it go too.

What does Zac look for in a game?

A set of rules that lead to meaningful and delightful decisions, but not complexity for complexity’s sake. From the very first games a child can play to the world of ‘heavy games’, if the rules interfere with enjoying the game then it doesn’t make the cut.

A little bit about Fyfe

Away from timetoplay, Fyfe is a parent to two kids, works as an enterprise technology architect and fell in love with board games after playing Catan. After those early days discovering some heavier euro games and the BoardGameGeek Top 100, falling for titles like Caylus, then discovering cooperative games like Pandemic and Arkham Horror, and has been on the journey ever since. Now with kids of my own getting to share that journey with small people has become its own exploration, teaching and sharing games like Dragomino and Rhino Hero, and learning that sometimes the rules don't matter with Calico. What Fyfe loves most is exploring games with others, learning to find the right games for the right people and the shared joy in the experience. Now taking all that, plus their technology and business background, Fyfe is working with Zac to make timetoplay.games a place where everyone can find the game that is right for them. 

What games does Fyfe like?

Most of all Fyfe just loves to play games, and see people playing, enjoying and getting lost in the moments. When left to choose, and with the right group of people, Fyfe loves to pour themselves into something heavy and thinky.

What does Fyfe look for in a game?

Often when exploring games Fyfe enjoys taking a single designer and working through some of their catalogue to understand some of how they make games, and what decisions their game presents and why.


Need to know about games?

We want to help you find the right game for you, if you need a recommendation head over to our contact us page, and let us know what you are looking for and we are happy to help find you the perfect game night.

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 Thank you for visiting our little games shop!