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Fruit Punch Halli Galli

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Game Details

  • Number of Players: 2-6
  • Recomended Age: 6+
  • Play Time: 10 Mins
  • Complexity: Low Complexity
  • Interactivity: High Interaction
Spot Five and Bop the Banana!

In one of the world’s top-selling games, players inspect the cards as they’re flipped to find five of the same fruit, then race to squeak the banana. It’s a full-on fruit frenzy!

  • Dexterity
  • Mathematics

How to play Fruit Punch Halli Galli

In this 'Snap' style game each player is dealt an equal amount of cards and place the banana in the centre where everyone can bop it. As you go around the circle you flip over your top card... and the first to spot if there are exactly 5 of the same fruit face up on the table bops the banana in the middle!

Shipping & Handling

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How to Play Fruit Punch Halli Galli