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Game Details

  • Number of Players: 2-4
  • Recomended Age: 14+
  • Play Time: 90-110 Mins

Generations of prosperity have bloomed in your hometown through the art of bamboo harvesting, a delicate dance of work, perseverance, balance, and prayer. This small town has flourished at the expense of the sprawling cane fields, and today, diverse clans coexist in harmony with nature. Bamboo, a captivating game, invites players to step into the shoes of these clans as they cultivate bamboo, utilizing the fruits of their labor to nurture their families and accumulate happiness points. A part of the Kemushi saga, alongside Bitoku and Silk, Bamboo combines accessibility with strategic depth, offering a compelling experience in action management and tile optimization.

The game unfolds over four years, each divided into four seasons, as players engage in activities like burning incense in temples to seek spiritual favor and utilizing bamboo shoots for actions such as seeking balance, home improvement, or managing finances. Following the principles of home balance discipline is pivotal for optimizing home tiles and progressing in the game. The placement of four classes of home tiles—decoration, garden, faith, or useful—on the board determines happiness points, providing a nuanced layer to the gameplay.

Players must also prepare for challenges, ensuring their families are fed during winter with tea, rice, or ramen, and honoring spirits and ancestors in temples. The player with the most significant incense offering in sacred spaces earns the favor of one of the seven spirits of the forest and contribute bonus points in the final phase.

Harvest bamboo, find balance in your home, and may the spirits guide you to victory!

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